With the arrival of fall comes a bevy of seasonal brews for beer lovers.

However, at least one craft beer brewmaster, Sidney Huskey with Good Times Brewing at The Mill House, is not on the pumpkin beer bandwagon.

"I almost refuse to do a pumpkin beer because everybody does it," Huskey said. "Pumpkin is in everything from lattes to cereals."

Fall, Huskey said, is ripe for brews that are "heavier, spicier and darker in color" than the lighter, crisp, citrusy beers favored in warmer weather.

For fall, Huskey said Good Times Brewing will have an Oktoberfest, along with a tapped, barrel-aged Russian Imperial coffee stout, a peach brown ale and more, including a return of Drunkel Uncle, a dark German beer.

"The peach brown ale has graham crackers and cinnamon in it and it's aged in a bourbon barrel," Huskey said. "It's kind of a bourbon-flavored peach pie."

Huskey said he's also enlisting folks to collect persimmons to try making a persimmon beer.

"I've also played with figs off my fig tree," Huskey said.

Huskey, who turns 51 on Saturday, got into beer-making in 1991, with a home beer kit.

Now, Huskey oversees an operation that can turn out large batches of up to six craft beers at a time. As many as 14 have been on tap at Good Times Brewing at The Mill House, Huskey said. Plus, Good Times Brewing is looking to expand from a three-barrel system to a 10-barrel system by next summer, to meet supply and demand for its products.

Good Times Brewing kicked off in 2014 as a brew pub and was licensed as a brewery in June 2015. Good Times Brewing recently expanded to Columbia, South Carolina markets. Its beers are also available at locations in Anderson, Clemson, Greenville and Murrells Inlet, as well as several different restaurants and bars in Greenwood, in addition to The Mill House.

Recently, Good Times Brewing, which is Greenwood's first, official licensed brewery, also began partnering with a South Carolina hops grower from Manning, South Carolina to create Good Time's Santee Select IPA.

"One of our local produce suppliers, Will Metts, met they guy and told us about him," Huskey said. "We're going to do a few varieties of beer with hops from Hy Hops Farms."

If you want to try a selection of Good Times Brewing beers, order a flight -- a set of glasses with different beers in each one.

Dan Flynn with Flynn's on Maxwell wine and beer in Greenwood said fall beer trends point toward German and American Oktoberfest-style selections and a good many pumpkin beers. 

Oktoberfest-style beers, Flynn said, are traditionally blonde lagers that have been brewed in the spring and stored cold and consumed in summer and early fall. So far this year, Flynn's has at least five Oktoberfest beers. They are inspired by ones served at the annual German autumn festival by the same name, that spans from mid-September to the first weekend in October.

"I think there are two distinct styles," Flynn said. "Traditional German Oktoberfest has a much lighter malt. Sierra Nevada has a nice one this year that they have done in partnership with a German brewery, Mahrs Brau.

"Then, I think the American Oktoberfest beers tend to be darker, with a richer malt."

Different trending beer styles include sour beers, which as their name implies, impart intentionally tart tastes. Flynn said this is the first year he has carried a sour pumpkin beer -- Funky Pumpkin by Boulevard Brewing of Kansas City, Missouri.

That one differs greatly from pumpkin beers that go for the flavors in pumpkin pie spice -- cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cloves. 

If that's what you love in pumpkin beers, try Southern Tier Brewing Co.'s Imperial Pumpking.

There's also pumpkin beer aged in fresh bourbon barrels -- Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale from Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. 

Another smooth-tasting one is Ballast Point Pumpkin Down from San Diego, California. It's a Scottish ale with pumpkin.

"It's all about finding the flavor profile that you like," Flynn said, noting dozens of bottled craft beers are available, including at least 10 that are also on tap, with offerings changing seasonally. "There are beers that are great with food and those that are great for sipping after dinner -- even dessert beers such as chocolate stouts."