Kimyatta Hughes scoops ice cream into a cone at Carolina Community Pharmacy Northwest.

Cool down with a fizzy, frothy ice cream float. If you want to go even more old-school, mix up an ice cream soda.

Ice cream floats are most often made with scoops of ice cream in soft drinks, such as cola or root beer, whereas ice cream sodas have soda water, syrup and ice cream. A chemical reaction occurs when soda and ice cream mix, producing bubbles in both floats and ice cream sodas.

This time of year, the vintage-inspired ice cream counter at Carolina Community Pharmacy Northwest in Greenwood is busy with customers ordering floats and assorted milkshakes.

Kimyatta Hughes, pharmacy customer service representative, said the counter has a customer who routinely orders floats with chocolate ice cream and Dr. Pepper.

Hughes said several customers ask for ice cream sodas, "but the recipe hasn't yet been perfected."

"Other popular options are root beer floats and cherry Coke floats," said Leslie Turner, pharmacy customer service representative. "With about 15 different flavors of hand-dipped ice cream, and five different flavors of soda, you can do a lot of combinations."

Beyond vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, the ice cream counter stocks different seasonal flavors. -- during the Index-Journal's visit, there were orange-pineapple and banana pudding flavors on the menu board.

Pick your favorite soft drinks and your favorite scoop-worthy frozen concoction. Experiment with your own combos at your favorite ice cream spot or at home. Garnish with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. Sip through a straw and enjoy. Be sure to have a long-handled spoon ready to scoop out any globs of ice cream, sorbet or sherbet that are too big for the straw.


LEMONADE FLOAT, courtesy of Carolina Community Pharmacy Northwest

8 ounces of cold water. (If you want if frothy, try swapping cream soda for the water)

2 heaping spoonfuls of powdered, lemon-flavored drink mix, such as Country Time Lemonade 

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Mix lemon-flavored drink mix and water. Pour into glass. Add scoops of ice cream. Top with soda if you want it bubbly.

COFFEE COLA FLOAT, source: about.com "How an Ice Cream Float Works"

2 1/2 cups coffee (room temperature or chilled)

2/3 cup light cream or milk

2-3 scoops of ice cream: try flavors such as coffee, chocolate or vanilla


Mix coffee with cream or milk. Pour it into glasses. Add scoops of ice cream. Top with soda. Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate-covered coffee beans or a little coffee powder or cocoa.


3/4 cup lemon sorbet

8 ounces ginger ale

Top scoops of lemon sorbet with ginger ale. (This recipe's calorie count is less than 300!)