Green beans in a blanket combine fresh vegetables, flaky dough and cheese for a new twist on a party favorite.

The Super Bowl means serious snacking.

Game day gatherings often include buffalo wings, chips and dip, chili and pizza. But, food and beverages don’t have to penalize your waistband. With tips, tweaks and savvy recipes, enjoy the game and your food.

A clinical nutrition manager and dietitians with Self Regional Medical Center suggest smart swaps that give you flavors and textures of game day favorites, but with a healthier twist.

In lieu of buffalo wings, try buffalo cauliflower, which can be made to also appeal to vegans and vegetarians. Likewise, replace pigs in a blanket with fresh green beans and a little cheese baked in dough.

Instead of delivery pizza, make your own, with grilled vegetables on whole-grain flatbread with a little oil and ricotta cheese.

Plain Greek yogurt is a tasty alternative to sour cream and carrot, celery and bell pepper sticks can be a colorful option in place of bread sticks.

Bean chips can be higher in fiber and protein and sometimes lower in sodium, when compared with potato chips. Or, look for whole-grain chips.