Auburn Place LLC, 104 Marble Court, $97,308, new single-family dwelling.

Andrew Halpin, et al., 227 Saco Ave., $3,000, porch roof, wall, 80-inch door.

Rosa Lee Anderson, 901 Ridge Road, $1,000, 1980 Titan mobile home, 14-by-60.

William D. Lambert, et al., 214 Starboard Tack, $12,000, 8-by-12 new deck and rebuild existing deck.

Greenwood County Hospital, 147 Academy Ave., $160,000, commercial building, interior upfit wait-checkout.

Bridgestone Retail Operation, 510-A Bypass 72 N.W., $64,033, re-roof commercial building.

Miriam B. Stewart, et al., 201 Virginia Ave., $2,700, re-roof.

Mary Ann Vines, et al., 411 Lebanon Church Road, Ninety Six, $5,000, re-roof.

James S. Durham, 722 and 724 Truett Ave., $4,480, duplex, install vinyl boxing.

Daniel E. McMahan, et al., 118 Stratford Road, $2,000, addition, 12-by-17.

David R. Thompson, et al., 216 Laurel Ave. W., $2,800, sill on porch, joists.

Catherine M. Crowe, 824 Sunset Drive, $2,800, sill, subfloor, joists, piers.

Sara L. Chappell, 144 Avondale Road, $4,000, re-roof.

Satterfield Construction Co., 2111 Highway 72/221 E., $10,000, commercial building, demolish existing office.

Camp Chinquapin For Critters, 1411 Highway 72/221 E., $500, demolish building.

Gary John A. Pollard, 536 Willson St., $2,500, replace wood on front porch.

William H. Brauner, et al., 420 Woodlawn Road, $13,089, install solar panels.

Peter J. Manning, trustee, 232 Harbor Cove Road, Ninety Six, $15,320, install solar panels.

Andrew M. Mundy Jr., et al., 203 Gracemont Drive, $3,500, tear off, re-roof.

Robert B. Culbertson, et al., 166 Rutledge Road, $3,900, tear off, re-roof.

George M. Thomas Jr., 410 Highway 221 S., $4,000, tear off, re-roof.

Risa J. Mcallister, 1417 Woodlawn Road, $3,500, tear off, re-roof.

Essie B. Thompkins life estate, 1114 Callison Highway, $5,000, tear off, re-roof.

Edward C. Benedict, et al., 840 Ligon Road, $5,000, install solar panels.

Roger W. Collins, et al., 326 Shrine Club Road, $32,240, install solar panels.

William R. Miller, et al., 308 Lodge Drive, $10,000, bad facia and deck boards.

Patton Development SC LLC, 4610 Highway 25 N., $225,500, commercial, new Dollar General store.

Nordessa G. Sessions, 107 Hill Trace Drive, Bradley, $750, demolish mobile home.