Warner SC LLC, 515 Bypass 72 N.W., commercial, interior upfit, $150,000.

Ashley Aid Propco LLC, 526 Haltiwanger Road, commercial, tear off, re-roof, $103,180.

Greenwood Metropolitan Commission, 481 Wilson Creek Road, commercial, build new tank, $2,195,294.

Steven K. Hill, 101 Main St. E., Ninety Six, commercial, interior renovations, $35,000.

Ella Claire L. Mays, 464 Bypass 72 N.W., commercial, repair interior fire damage, $281,300.

Greenwood County, 1325 Spring St., commercial, demolish east tower, four floors, $6,772,347.

Larry S. Allen, et al., 2004 Highway 221 S., mobile home, $72,960.

William R. Ouzts, 522 Mount Olive Road, Saluda, mobile home, $27,720.

Elizabeth S. Mitchell, 513 Kathy Hill Road, mobile home, $58,800.

Fred Turner Sr., et al., 114 Butler Road S., Ninety Six, mobile home, $33,600.

Woodland Mobile Home Park LLC, 1011 Parkland Place Road, mobile home, $27,720.

Blas A. Gonzales, et al., 887 Grumling Road E., Hodges, mobile home, $58,800.

Hugh M. Williams Jr., 5790 Highway 25 S., Ninety Six, mobile home, $27,300.

Fred Turner Sr., et al., 114 Butler Road S., Ninety Six, moving mobile home.

Barbara L Tolbert, 720 Gage St., tear off, re-roof, $2,800.

Roger M. Helms, et al., 302 Lodge Drive, repair foundation, $11,845.

Dorethea J. Dancesia, et al., 119 Belle Rive Drive, Ninety Six, replace siding with stone, $6,000.

Joan S. White, 411 Gatewood Drive, replace windows, $4,058.

BB Enterprises of Greenwood LLC, 554 Goode Ave., add two closets in bedroom, $400.

William K. Ashley, 229 Deadfall Road W., add metal carport, 24-by-41. $11,000.

Daniel E. McMahan, et al., 118 Stratford Road, shop addition, 12-by-24, $2,000.

Corinthian Aiken, et al., 135 University St. S., vinyl siding, $4,000.

Barbara K. Thompson, 112 Hickory Lane, roof replacement, $3,296.

Joe R. Giles, 1111 Highside St., vinyl replacement and windows, $3,260.

Gloria W. Carroll, 3724 McCormick Highway, Bradley, bedroom addition, 16-by-20, $15,000.

Linda T. McGinnis, 104 PC Jeans Road, Ninety Six, attached garage.$32,000.

Christopher W. Kobe, et al., 428 Circle Drive, bath addition, $10,000.

Daniel J. Forster, 211 Winding Creek Drive, enclosed garage, $4,000.

Michael A. Carpenter, 112 Hunt St., metal carport, 20-by-20, $4,000.

Harrison P. Light, et al., 629 Windsor Road, Hodges, new single-family dwelling, $177,854.

Invesco LLC, 159 Yucca Court, new single-family townhouse, $78,784.

Invesco LLC, 161 Yucca Court, new single-family townhouse, $67,032.

Invesco LLC, 163 Yucca Court, new single-family townhouse, $78,784.