Rockcreek Association, 504 Rockcreek Blvd., commercial. replace siding, boxing, repair pool and cabana, $13,000.

Jameson Rental LLC, 206 Main St., commercial, remodel, $95,000.

Steven T. Humphreys, 112 Eagle Trace, mobile home, $31,920.

George A. Jones, et al., 2017 Highway 72 W., mobile home, $27,720.

Keith Strawhorn, 1400 Miller Road, Hodges, mobile home, $36,480.

Ronald E. Wright Jr., 528 Indian Road, Bradley, mobile home, $72,960.

Savannah River Communities LLC, 105 Camden St , mobile home, $30,240.

Jansen A. Simpson, 103 Williams Hill Top Road, Ninety Six, mobile home, $31,920.

Harold O. Davenport, et al., 217 Jebosha St., mobile home, $19,800.

Eddie Hatcher, 7011 Highway 25 N., Hodges, mobile home, $37,440.

Randolph Goode, 111 Leroy Drive, Ninety Six, mobile home, $27,300.

Sharon L. Timmerman, et al., 209 Grannys Lane, moving mobile home, $0.00.

Philip L. Ellenberg, et al., 1072 Spring St., replace damaged ceilings, $5,000.

John L. Tenner, et al., 43 Stockman St., build handicap ramp, $700.

Jianping Yuan, et al., 105 Belle Rive Drive, Ninety Six, 16-by-24 storage shed, $1,000.

John H. McCord, Jr., et al., 112 Country Side Drive, room addition, 21-by-12, $20,000.

Tommy Taylor, 3513 Highway 246 S., Ninety Six, vinyl siding and windows, $4,500.

Karen L. Winters, et al., 1006 Northside Drive E., seal repair, $3,000.

Michael B. Boone, et al., 117 Pucketts Cove Road, tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

Starla K. Lee, 210 Curl Creek Road, repair foundation, $11,742.

Paula R. Johnson, 120 Brookhaven Drive, repair foundation, $16,397.

Hiram Mitchell, et al., life estate, 121 Aiton Drive, Ninety Six, pole barn, 40-by-30, $12,000.

John P. Rush 111, et al., 1504 Woodlawn Road, soffit, facia, two porches with roof and posts, $18,000.

Housing Authority, City of Greenwood, 100 Douglas Court, apartments, replace drywall and doors, $303,000.

Housing Authority, City of Greenwood, 101 Douglas Court, apartment, replacing sheetrock in apartments.

Benny R. Elmore, et al., 174 Highland Drive, repair floor and sheetrock, $2,500.

Janice M. Davenport, 1840 Montague Ave. Extension, tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

Rebecca F. Flowers, 111 Winston Court W., tear off, re-roof, $7,000.

Commercial Bank, 415 Henrietta Ave. E., tear out and repair laundry room., $2,000.

Joel D. Whatley, et al., 106 Twisted Oak Drive, replace windows, $1,411.

Peggy J. Royston, 2525 Highway 25 S., replace windows, $1,915.

Mary E. Morgan, 226 Kitson St., handicap ramp, $600.

Gary A. Imhoff, et al., 808 Swing About, enclose screen porch, $10,000.

Timothy S. Babb, et al., 106 Coosaw Run, tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

Roy F, Dellinger, et al., 206 Gunnery Court E., Ninety Six, new single-family dweliing, $185,348.

Wesley Commons, 1110 Marshall Road, new commercial building, adding dining hall and rooms, $222,929,850.