Greenwood School District 50, 110 Elementary Ave., commercial, install 8-foot chain link fence, $61,914.

MDC Coast 4 LLC, 454 Bypass 72 N.W., commercial, remodel Outback, interior and exterior. $145,779.

Mary Ann Davis, 1218 Scotch Cross Road, demolition of home.

Eule Mae M. Thomas, et al. (heirs), 1305 Henderson Ave., re-roof and facial boards, $1,000.

James H. Brannon Jr., et al., 508 Nautical Way, add deck to rear, 12-by-16, $1,500.

James C. Tolbert, et al., 6501 Highway 178 S., Ninety Six, addition to front of house, 19-by-39. $68,800.

Diana B. Holloway, 502 Reynolds Ave., repair back part of roof, $2,850.

Sherman D. White, 106 Sherwood Drive, replace windows, add vinyl, $3,000.

Jean S. White life estate, 614 Deadfall Road W., vinyl siding, $4,000.

Christian S. Rentz, 227 Kitson St., repair termite damage and support, $800.

Harry Stubblefield, 203 Starboard Tack, re-roof, $10,920.

Otis J. Young, et al., 405 Lakeshore Drive, patio cover, 6-by-8, $5,000.

Robert J. Fernandez, et al., 225 Folly Farm Road, new single-family dwelling, $122,275.

Jerry Sightler Construction Inc., 223 Dry Branch Court, new townhouse, $68,970.

Jerry Sightler Construction Inc., 225 Dry Branch Court, new town home, $68,970.

James Booth, et al., 107 Gardenia Drive, Ninety Six, new single-family dwelling, $128,535.

Rajeshkumar D. Patel, et al., 108 Forest Park Drive, new single-family dwelling, $183,556.

David S. Dolber, et al., 122 Swing About, new single-family dwelling, $108,105.

Salvation Oaks Recovery Community, 711 Scotch Cross Road E., cottage, $32,490.

Frank R. Addy Jr., trustee, 312 Main St., permanent sign, $400.