Sexual Trauma And Counseling Center, 115 Alexander Ave., commercial, renovate existing office interior, $30,900.

Greenwood Presbyterian Church, 1414 Calhoun Road, repair area upon which the steeple rests, nonprofit, $11,800.

Jean S. Tommie, 1480 Highway 72/221 E., commercial, add roof over shoring in front of structure, $6,000.

Colgate-Palmolive Co., 5421 Highway 25 N., Hodges, commercial, install 150 feet of 10-foot fence, $5,385.

Big Balls Greenwood LLC, 1149 Main St. S., commercial, tear off, re-roof, $10,000.

Harold G. McCord, et al., 306 Nautical Way, in-ground pool, 20-by-34, $46,907.

Kevin R. Henderson, et al., 615 Saddle Hill Road, in-ground pool, 20-by-36, $41,680.

Robert S. Carter, 118 Kingston Road, re-roof, $3,400.

Robert G. Thompson, et al., 122 Crestview Drive, tear off, re-roof, $3,800.

Rose E. Baldwin, 106 Zackwood Lane, Hodges, pole barn, 32-by-50, $15,000.

Paul H. Kennemore Ill, 1315 Ninety Six Highway, re-roof, $30,000.

William A. Shelton, et al., 4802 Pickens Creek Road, Hodges, tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

James E. Giles, 107 Augusta Circle, tear off, re-roof, $2,700.

Roger A. Richburg, 310 Pepperhill Lane, tear off, re-roof, $4,000.

Dennis G. Walker, et al., 360 Plantation Drive, tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

David E. Gilman, 121 Calhoun Road E., tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

Debra K. Holley, 300 Sirrine St., Ninety Six, tear off, re-roof, $3,000.

Jeff Setzer, et al., 623 Dorn Road, Troy, tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

Christa Barton-Smith, conservator, 310 Saco Ave., tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

Tim Rice life estate, 206 Fuller St., tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

Rodolfo Vazquez Leon, 502 Milwee Ave., roof repair, $400.

Cindy M. Fuller, 102 Rock Knoll Drive, re-roof, $2,900.

Effie T. Williams, 104 Bethune St. S., re-roof, $680.

Beverly Spearman, 316 Manning Road, $450, build handicap ramp.

Thompson Rental Properties LLC, 611 Hall Ave., apartment, structure repairs, $500.

Thompson Rental Properties LLC, 613 Hall Ave., apartment, structure repairs, $500.

Thompson Rental Properties LLC, 617 Hall Ave., apartment, roof repair, $1,000.

Ramon Rodriguez, 3503 Callison Highway, add 12 feet to front and 12 feet to rear. $14,500.

Darryl Halbert, et al., 725 Calhoun Road E., porch and interior remodel and siding, $130,000.

Jo Ann Owens, 2606 Scotis Ferry Road, Ninety Six, install shop, 12-by-32. $2,000.

James L. Bowser, et al., 403 Butler Road, Hodges, attached garage, $30,000.

Archie Moore, et al., 145 Kensington Drive, tear off, re-roof. $3,200.

Tim A. Shealy, 238 Penn Ave., vinyl siding, $3,000.

Fortner Realty & Builders LLC, 228 Kate Fowler Road, Ninety Six, new single-family dwelling. $75,820.

Jerry Sightler Construction Inc., 219 Dry Branch Court, new townhome, $68,970.

Jerry Sightler Construction Inc., 221 Dry Branch Court, new townhome, $68,970.

Douglas M. Kauffmann, et al., 107 Avid Road, new single-family dwelling, $216,400.

Adam Eichelberger, 2715 Ninety Six Highway, Ninety Six, new single-family dwelling, $237,656.