Greenwood Mills Inc., 203 Waller Ave., commercial, metal coping on front wall, $1,500.

Greenwood County, 2814 Highway 25 S., commercial, tear off, re-roof, $9,225.

Tatham Properties LLC, 1127 Reynolds Ave., commercial, repair roof and floor joists, $18,000.

Fred L. Pinson, 111 Rice Road, commercial, remove-replace obsolete cell tower, $15,000.

Tracy Van Maroney, 123 Shrine Club Road, mobile home, demolition of structure.

J. Ernest Young Jr., 1016 Gary Road, Hodges, mobile home, demolition of structure.

Denise F. Balentine, 6705 Highway 246 S., Ninety Six, in-ground pool, 22-by-36, $41,288.

Jacqueline P. Coles, trustee, 514 Hall Ave., repair subfloor, $1,500.

Nancy Y. Smith, 104 Amherst Drive, roof over porch, 10-by-30, $3,000.

James E. Loggins, et al., 105 Cornerstone Drive, install solar panels, $29,925.

Mary A. Jones, et al., 831 Cambridge Ave., metal roof, $4,500.

Tony E. Langley Jr., 909 Reynolds Ave., repair subfloor, $3,000.

Junichi Teramoto, 301 Oak Ridge Drive, repair kitchen fire damage, $4,080.

Lance E. Shuford, et al., 107 Rock Knoll Drive, tear off, re-roof, $3,900.

Therese M. Amey, 145 Kensington Drive, change closet to bathroom, $2,500.

Mark R. Holliday, et al., 504 Sand Shore Drive, tear off, re-roof, $4,000.

Michael W. Sartin, et al., 401 Dukes Ave., replace windows, $1,611.

Mel M. Thomas, et al., 130 Lake Ridge Drive, Ninety Six, vinyl siding on front, railing in back, $500.

R.W. Spires Realty LLC, 412 Sirrine St., Ninety Six, re-roof, $5,900.

Rebecca L. Moore, 602 Deadfall Road W., tear off, re-roof, $5,000.

Kristi Prospal, 2726 Scotts Ferry Road, Ninety Six, tear off, re-roof, $4,000.

Michael L. McKinney, et al., 110 Flatwood Road, Hodges, $5,000.

Chandler Crawford, et al., 110 Siloam Acres Drive, tear off, re-roof, $4,000.

Calvin M. Brewer, et al., 116 Foxcroft Drive, tear off, re-roof, $4,000.

Robin D. Jennings, 1107 Brannon St., add hip roof, $2,000.

Charles E. Schwartz, et al., 317 Creek Road W., re-roof, $4,300.

Auburn Place LLC, 106 Granite Court, new single-family dwelling, $89,777.

Daulton W. Jones life estate, 1631 Mathis Road, replace burned structure. $45,600.

GA Management LLC, 114 Kinkade Drive, new single-family dwelling, $106,600.

Bartley Moseley LLC, 115 Hampton St., permanent sign, $10,000.

TNT Investments LLC, 1706 Montague Ave. Extension, permanent sign, $2,500.

Warner SC LLC, 515 Bypass 72 N.W., permanent sign, $3,050.