Annie Sanders, 110 Bay Court, $375, add handicap ramp.

William Terry, 438 Pelzer St., $1,200, re-roof.

Herbert E. Dodson, et al., 406 Bethel Road, Troy, $3,356, replace windows.

Alicia Latimer, 526 Old Ninety Six Highway, $6,865, replace windows.

Kevin E. Jolly, et al., 506 Watford Ave., $7,481, replace windows.

James A. Richardson, 128 Sylvan Road, $2,413, replace windows.

Dana P. Cline, 410 Bolt Ave., $1,132, replace windows.

Appletree Properties LLC, 134 Anderson Drive, $109,298, new single-family dwelling.

William C. Wescott, et al., 202 Garrett Drive, $86,427, new single-family dwelling.

Linda G. Ward, et al., 1319 Bucklevel Road, $102,726, new single-family dwelling.

Skf Limited Partnership, 720 Montague Ave., $4,800, commercial building, interior upfit.

Sharon R. Earle, 116 Bethune St. N., $6,500, new roof.

Jas Donald Medley, et al., 4420 Highway 246 N., $1,000, demolish mobile home.

Elaine H. Hughes, 152 Kimberly Lane, $5,280, re-roof.

Linda N. Dykes, 104 Brissie Ave., $4,400, re-roof.

Christopher C. Knox, 204 Lodge Drive, $25,000, extend porch at back.

Ella Mae Durant, 109 Oakland St., $4,000, re-roof, vinyl, wood work.

Steven K. Hill, 101 Main St. E., Ninety Six, $35,000, commercial building, interior renovations.

Debbie L. Kay, 4114 Moorefield St., $5,000, re-roof.

Willard E. Hayes, et al., 318 Bluejay Road, Hodges, $95,980, new single-family dwelling.

Davida J. Pruitt, 212 Forest Lane, $2,400, re-roof.

Hugh D. Moseley Jr., 513 Lowell Ave., $20,000, screen porch and deck.

Woodrow H. Smith, et al., 205 Frances St., $3,200, install awning.

Dineshbhai V. Patel, 24 Greenwood Ave. N., Ware Shoals, $20,000, interior remodel.

Ariana S. Taylor, 713 Keisler Drive, $5,000, front porch and 23-by-20 on rear.

Georgia M. Sullivan, et al., 312 Ellenberg Ave., $4,500, wall and windows.

Jeffery B. Burton, 2814 Ninety Six Highway, Ninety Six, $5,400, re-roof.