Central Trust Company, 217 Waller Ave, $5,000, commercial building, add wall.

Diana B. Holloway, 112 Meadowbrook Drive, $2,750, re-roof.

Joy M. Clinton, et al., 2308 Highway 702, Ninety Six, $100, demolish mobile home.

Robert M. Bassett, 306 Lowell Ave., $1,800, demolition of accessory structure.

Charles Len Young, et al., 118 Blyth Road, $2,000, wall, doors, windows, drywall.

Elson E. Edwards, 801 Carter Road, Ninety Six, $1,500, pole barn, 30-by-40 storage.

Michael D. Ridgeway, et al., 237 Woodrow Ave., $6,000, demolition of structure.

Danny R. Land, et al., 105 Woodcrest St., $6,600, re-roof.

James E. Rowland III, 603 Emerald Farm Road, $142,011, new single-family dwelling.

L.B. Adams Jr., 4315 Ninety Six Highway, Ninety Six, $22,000, commercial building, demolish water tower.

Elizabeth Smith, 107 Anderson Drive, $2,500, re-roof.

Stephen C. Taylor, et al., 103 Woodbury Drive, $3,000, re-roof.

David W. Kelley, et al., 310 Lowell Ave., $2,500, windows, vinyl siding, roof.

Tyler W. Mathis, 602 Willson St., $5,000, tear off, re-roof.

Marvin R. Richardson, et al., 211 Windtree Road, $4,000, tear off, re-roof.

Judy L. Sieckman, et al., 156 Woodridge Road, $5,000, tear off, re-roof.

William D. Bartley, et al., 5615 Highway 178 S., Ninety Six, $5,000, tear off, re-roof.

Burton Center For Disabilities and Special Needs, 502 Colonial Drive, $3,700, tear off, re-roof.

Burton Center For Disabilities and Special Needs, 112 Sherwood Lane, $5,000, tear off, re-roof.

Raul Lopez, 1705 Kateway, $130,723, new single-family dwelling.

Jay M. Motsinger Jr., et al., 903 Olde Puckett Ferry, $160,800, new residential.

Curtis W. Tolbert, et al., 312 Milford Springs, $6,900, re-roof.

James E. Young Jr., 106 Amherst Drive, $8,852, install solar panel.

Nancy Y. Smith, 104 Amherst Drive, $6,583, install solar panels.