James R. Gary, et al., 109 Patrick Road, $518, replace windows.

James P. Witt, 130 Crescent Drive, $2,500, re-roof.

Lidl US Operations LLC, 425 Bypass 72 N.W., $6,771,000, commercial, new Lidl store.

Roland Gauvin, et al., 213 Greenway Drive, $19,995, addition with bath on second floor, 12-by-15.

Nick J. Lavigne, et al., 103 Ryders Cup, $25,000, private pool, 16-by-32.

Eugene Washington, 6515 Highway 702, Ninety Six, $13,000, add 5-by-10 bathroom.

Abney Memorial Baptist Church, 228 Bypass 225 S., $35,000, commercial building, complete interior office area.

Jerry Lee Moss, 105 Quail Road, Ninety Six, $500, add 8-by-16 deck.

John A. Bartoli, et al., 111 Patriot Point Court, Ninety Six, $234,053, new single-family dwelling.

Larry or Nancy Crooks, 208 Calhoun Road E., $1, demolition of structure.

William B. Vinson Jr., 2915 Ridge Road, Hodges, $300, playhouse, 15-by-15.

Ella Mae Durant, 109 Oakland St., $800, move kitchen wall.

Eugene H. Mathis III, 1535 Highway 72/221 E., $268,200, commercial building, metal building and upfit.

Daniel C. Parker, et al., 107 Shortleaf Court, $1,600, re-roof.

Leroy Lindsey Sr., Committee, 720 Grendel Ave. E., $5,450, demolition of structure.

William L. Terry Sr., 210 Baldwin Ave., $2,000, re-roof.

Ruth E. Teasley life estate, 218 Jackson Ave., $9,750, replace windows.

Jason P. Shirley, 155 Highland Drive, $6,000, re-roof.

Lee M. Phillips Jr., 106 Hampton Road, $6,000, re-roof.

Velma C. Robertson, 122 Crescent Road, $5,500, re-roof.

Martiniano Rodriguez, 233 Cambridge Ave. E., $2,000, porch.

Auburn Place LLC, 101 Marble Court, $90,129, new single-family dwelling.

Cody France, et al., 204 Watersedge Road, $4,700, re-roof.

Ophelia McGrier, 106 Pansy Road, $2,000, re-roof.

Bertha Mae Brown, 408 Magnolia Drive, $3,000, re-roof.

Sarah E. Pinson, 165 Orchard Park Drive, $5,000, re-roof.

Jay D. Sager, et al., 163 Orchard Park Drive, $5,000, re-roof.

Eugenio Vega, et al., 1311 Drew Ave., $1,500, detached garage, 20-by-30.

Michael H. Goss, et al., 1806 Old Abbeville Highway, $7,900, re-roof.