Lander University

Lander University students are offering mixed opinions on a measure that if approved, would allow concealed weapons on college campuses.

With seven weeks left in the 2017-18 legislative year, it’s unlikely H. 3262, which is still assigned to the House Judiciary Committee, will be adopted.

But the idea of loosening restrictions on who can carry a gun on campus isn’t welcomed by all.

“It depends on the person. You don’t know what some people are thinking,” Miranda Willard-Pridemore said.

Her friend, Keelie Burns of Lexington, agreed.

“I don’t know if I could trust students. Some of them I’d be OK with, but some people would make me feel terrified,” she said.

Lander Police Chief Eddie Brigg said his department is ready to comply with any changes to the law, but he’s against broadening access to guns on campus.

“I’m all for the Second Amendment, but I just don’t think weapons on campus are a good thing. I don’t think we’re ready for that,” he said. “If I could hand pick who could carry on campus, it might be different.”

Briggs said state law currently allows for properly holstered guns to be kept in a person’s car if that person has a concealed weapons permit.

Greg Lovins, Lander’s vice president of business and administration, said officials want to see whether the bill comes out of committee before commenting.

John Dixon, of Myrtle Beach, said because Lander is an open campus that anybody can access, he wouldn’t want to see guns in certain locations, such as classrooms or Lander’s library.

“I wouldn’t feel safe with somebody I don’t know carrying a gun in class,” he said.

Matalin Jackson, of Westminster, agreed.

“That’s so unsafe. It’s different having one (a handgun) in a building than in a car,” she said. “I do feel like this is different than a high school, because there aren’t always locked doors and anybody can walk on campus.”

Kaitlyn Gentry, of Prosperity, said the idea of guns being allowed on campus doesn’t bother her.

“I think that’s fine. Some people probably need to carry,” she said.

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