A deputy facing a domestic violence charge tried to block a woman from leaving his Hodges residence, according to a report.

Jeremy Scott McMahan, 39, of 534 Dixie Drive, Hodges, was arrested Saturday night and charged with second-degree domestic violence. A sergeant with the Laurens County Sheriff's Office, he was placed on unpaid leave while the office conducts an internal investigation.

Greenwood County deputies responded to a domestic incident at the man's residence at 7:11 p.m. Saturday.

The man and a woman who watches his children while he's at work argued after he returned home that night, the report said, and the man tried to block her from leaving the residence.

The woman told officers the man threw her to the floor, the report said, but he said she slipped on a rug and fell as she was slapping at him. An 11-year-old girl who was present for the argument told deputies the woman pushed him into the refrigerator, then fell herself. The girl said McMahan tried to help the woman up before she left the residence.

After the woman left, the man sent her a text message that said the incident was an accident and asked her not to call police, the report said.

The woman had a large knot on her forehead and her right wrist was swollen, the report said. Deputies told the man they were arresting him because of her injuries.

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