I like sharing good stories about people and places that make us feel good. I’m in a unique position in that I spend most of my time working on stories that have redemptive qualities, and most of them are just outright fun and enjoyable to produce.

We ask for and receive great story ideas on a regular basis from viewers and readers. It is from this treasure trove of ideas that many stories evolve, some direct and some indirect. I have often discovered an idea for an unrelated story while working on a lead. I like to think of these as our Danial Boone discoveries. They are treasures we find while exploring if we take our time, we always find something. I try never to be too rushed.

Some stories develop quickly; some take weeks or months, and some can even take years. It’s all about timing, and that’s why it is important to keep numerous stories, segments and specials in the works at all the times.

December and January is a busy planning time for our broadcast programming, and it is a significant time to outline the New Year’s writing schedule. The year 2017 offers many exciting adventures with the show and broadcast specials. In addition to the weekly column, we are planning for a book release by the end of summer. All of this and more and I have yet to get around to making even the first New Year’s resolutions.

We have history to back up the idea of doing so. The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggest that the practice of making New Year’s resolutions started with the Babylonians as early as 2600 B.C. to reflect on the past and planning for the New Year.

During the Medieval era, knights took the Peacock Vow after Christmas each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry.

After looking at a range of reports that look at how many people keep the New Year’s resolutions, about 10 people out of 100 stay true to their resolution. It is suggested that some set unrealistic goals, some of us forget to track our progress, and some of us simply forget about making them.

I was about to lose hope until I come across a Gallop poll that suggests that 46 percent of people who make common resolutions such as weight loss, exercise programs, quitting smoking, etc. were more than 10 times as likely to succeed, compared to only 4 percent who chose not to make resolutions. Popular goals include eating healthier, improve mental well-being, volunteer to help others, make new friends, spend quality time with family, pray more and be closer to God, take a trip and so on.

As we consider our options on what to comment on or not, it seems logical that we reflect on the past year and think about how to enjoy a better New Year. Many things can and do happen over a period of 365 days. Life and death, birth and celebrations, love and loss, fear, trust, gain, hope and depression. We have these things and more to deal with; they are not the fault of the year. I have talked with people how have told me 2016 was their greatest year yet, and I have spoken with individuals who have said that 2016 was the worst year ever. How can it be both?

Maybe some of us could give the Peacock Vow a try. A bit more chivalry would be nice. Some of us could make new friends and eat better, and we could all benefit from more prayer and a nice relaxing trip. I’m sure if we want to we can find some way to better ourselves. Here we go.

It’s time for a good story; I look forward to hearing yours.

Carl White is the executive producer and host of the award winning syndicated TV show “Carl White’s Life In the Carolinas.” The weekly show is in its seventh year of syndication and can be seen in the Greenville, Spartanburg viewing market on WLOS ABC 5 a.m. Saturdays and 1:30 p.m. Sundays at WMYA My 40. Visit www.lifeinthecarolinas.com, email White at Carl@lifeinthecarolinas.com.