A man living on Gilliam Court came home to find a stranger lying on his floor early Tuesday morning, according to a report.

Dwayne Sharred Sanders, 53, of 101 Stonehaven Drive was arrested Tuesday and charged with first-degree burglary, public drunk and a bench warrant.

The man living on Gilliam Court said his front door was still locked when he came home, but he found a man lying on the kitchen floor, the report said. The stranger said "you don't know me" before trying to leave by breaking the kitchen window, then running out the front door, the report said.

The resident found his back door kicked open, with a muddy boot print on the door, the report said.

Greenwood police officers found the man who ran out of the apartment, and noticed his speech was slurred, he was unable to answer questions and he smelled of alcohol, the report said.