Greenwood police found a man with cuts along his chest and covered in cooking oil outside of an apartment Friday, according to a report.

Inside the apartment, officers found a woman and a 2-year-old child who were also covered in cooking oil, and the woman had an injury on her bottom lip, the report said.

Tiffany Celaiya Bailey, 25, of 102 E. Tennessee Court, Greenwood was arrested Friday and charged with first-degree domestic violence and resisting arrest.

The man told officers he flipped a table during an argument with the woman about his credit card, and she picked up a pot with cool cooking oil in it and tried to hit him with it, the report said. During the fight, he said she threw a serving fork at him as well as a gallon bottle of detergent, tried to whip him with an extension cord and tried to cut him with a knife, the report said.

The woman said the man first grabbed the pot, and said she never grabbed a knife -- but that the cuts on the man’s chest were likely caused by her nails, the report said.

Officers determined the woman was the primary aggressor in the fight, and she resisted officers’ attempts to arrest her, the report said.