I thank John Witt for his Feb. 28 letter to the editor.

Our founding fathers would be disappointed with today’s leaders, their gutless disrespect of the hardships they endured for the freedoms we enjoy today.

As a retired service member, I find it disheartening that we don’t show more respect for the most important emblem of this country, our flag.

We allow it to be burned, stepped on and even dyed a different color with no consequences.

This flag has flown in many conflicts and has covered the remains of our fallen military. Now we want to remove it from sight.

Millions of men and women have died for that flag and our freedoms.

Our local, state and national leaders need to say enough is enough. The pool of future leaders in this country is poor.

To remove it is a shame, to disrespect it is a dishonor and to burn it is un-American.

We have a gay flag, African flag, support the blue flag, but there’s only one flag in this country, and that’s the Stars and Bars.

Stand up and be proud to be an American, proud to wave the American flag and don’t remove it from sight because of a few ungrateful people.