The proposed tax to fix the roads of South Carolina is nothing more than our legislators imposing on us a tax to cover their lack of planning and vision for our state. I know our roads need repairing and, in some cases, need to be replaced, but I have little faith in their willingness to do what needs to be done without “sticking” it to us.

Their proposed tax increase is anywhere between 6 cents and 21 cents during a five-year period. I am willing to bet that 21 cents is a low number and subject to change at the drop of a hat, much to the dismay of our pocketbooks. I am also willing to bet that most of that money, if not all of it, winds up in the general fund to be used for other shortcomings and very little of it to be used for infrastructure. Just more taxes, no new roads and our money taking flight to destinations of who knows where.

I dislike being negative, but I have little confidence in our leaders to do right by us. Very little.