I attended Jeff Duncan’s Feb. 28 town hall meeting. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, but I expected at least some substance. What occurred, rather, was merely an Obama bashfest, followed by Freedom Caucus cheerleading.

I did not hear a single question focused on issues of importance — the failed raid in Yemen, the astounding stock market boost, the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied before Congress, the travel ban, recent hate crimes — nothing.

Duncan did take a question on alternative energy. However, this turned out to be a fungo. Rep. Duncan went on about how “groovy” solar power is, but that we still must depend totally on nuclear and fossil fuels, because the sun doesn’t shine at night.

I called in to inform Duncan that my family has successfully used solar power for the last 33 years and also to ask about the lack of cleanup of the 2014 oil spill near Belton, which hasn’t occurred yet. The moderator never chose my question. Perhaps this neglect was caused by the way I answered the poll that Duncan announced at the beginning of the non-town hall meeting; my response did not exhibit effusive gratitude for the actions of President Trump.

Hats off to Sen. Lindsey Graham for having the guts to have a real town hall meeting in Clemson on March 4. He had to wrestle with real questions from real constituents, many regarding Trump’s latest Twitter tantrums. And he did. Good for him.